What We’re Made Of



Barry is in charge of our factory, from Cold Pressing to bottling he checks, double checks and sometimes secretly checks every step of the process. You could say he’s a checker for things his way. We don’t want it any other way.

From extracting the oils in a dark room that blocks damaging ultra violet light to double insulating our factory walls to create a constant room temperature, we do everything by globally recognised food safety standards.

080 Barry @ Oil factory



Some of us are secret nerds, so carrying out microbiological and chemical analysis on all of our oils is standard procedure for us. Data excites us. It’s all done externally by IANZ certified laboratories. They make sure that the oil we sell meets international standards in a wide range of markets.





Farmers get a bad rap, we’re on a serious mission to turn that around. Without them there would be no supermarkets. They’re hard-core. They’re some of the most humble people, yet biggest risk takers you will meet and they take their job seriously. Being a farmer is tough, you have nature to deal with. If one day you get a freak hailstorm, that’s your income destroyed for the year. It’s like working in your office every day without a roof, you’ve gotta give it to the farmers. We know what it feels like when people haggle over a few dollars when buying our products. There’s no haggling with our farmers, we give them a generous price for growing our seeds. Because they deserve it.


Cold Pressing

OSE has a well established plant with equipment for the Cold Pressing of oil seeds. Cold Pressing seeds to extract oils is regarded as the principal method of extracting oils without damaging them. Most other methods of oil extraction expose the oil to heat and solvents, which can damage the ‘health-giving’ properties of oils. Our oil extraction equipment ensures that the oil is made in an oxygen-free environment, the temperatures reached during oil pressing do not exceed 40°C, and the oils are not exposed to light during the process. These three factors ensure prolonged freshness, without any loss of the oil’s nutritional value.



Our processing plants are certified food production premises, licensed and inspected under New Zealand Food Standards Authority (NZFSA) legislation. All final products have a microbiological and chemical analysis carried out by an independent laboratory and a Certificate of Analysis is provided for each batch of oil we bottle.

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