Gourmet Culinary Oils Pack


Love the kitchen? Looking for the ultimate Gourmet Culinary addition to your meals? Then look no further, our specialty oils are primed full of flavour and designed for high temperature cooking.  The perfect addition to any budding cooks kitchen.


In this pack you will find our famous:


Avocado Oil

Grown in the hinterlands of the North Island, these avocados have been pampered with unpolluted and fertile growing conditions.
Once the flesh is Cold Pressed and the seed is discarded, a highly complex oil is formed.
It’s smooth aromatic texture when drizzled on a salad is pretty good, but anything with chocolate and avocado oil combined, is better. Believe us, we’ve tried it. omeganz™ Avocado Oil offers a valuable source of Omega 9.


Gold Cooking Oil Blend

Using a delicately fused combo of Rapeseed, Olive and Avocado Oil, this blend combines the best qualities of three worlds.
It has a smooth buttery taste which is great for enhancing food flavours, and is a versatile, stable and healthy cooking oil.


Rapeseed Oil

When it comes to the food chain for cooking oils, our Rapeseed oil stands at the top. Grown in the South Island, it is GE free and with a backdrop looking at the snowcapped Southern Alps it has a
better view than most of us.
We’re picky, so to polish it off, we double filter it, which enhances the colour and ultimately its flavour. When it comes to cooking, it’s a household must.


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